Wednesday, May 26, 2010


About a month ago I became obsessed with this Erin Wasson LowLuv Knuckle Armor Ring, but of course, it was sold out everywhere. Big frowny face. But, as it was an obsession, I kept looking for it and today found it on sale again! Big smiley face!

It's on preorder, so it won't arrive until sometime in June, but at least I can let some of obsessions recede, as it definitely will come to live with me!

P.S. - It's also available in gold.


  1. This is wicked!!!!! Congrats... I love once you finally get something you have been obsessing over!


  2. Shoot, I need it! What a gratifying purchase :P

    Lela London - Fashion Blog

  3. oh, i love rings! can't live without 'em. this one is reeeally the whole "heavy armor" look.

    congrats on your purchase! i know what it feels like to finally get something you've had your eyes on for so long!