Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The . Gold . Watch

When I was at JCrew a few weeks ago, one of the SAs looked impeccable. Her outfit was cute: cotton knee length skirt, simple tee, black cardigan, and sandals. But what really helped her to stand out was a beautiful gold watch. It was just one piece, but it made her look classic and polished. It would be nice if I could scoop up a pretty Dior or Rolex, but I opted for a less expensive (but still pretty!) watch from Kohls.

Armitron Watch, Kohls, $70.00


  1. I love it!!!! I have been wanted a cold watch for awhile... it just makes an outfit look polished! My best friend has one that her grandfather gave her [it was his... so very manish] but it totally pulls her outfits together!